Friday, September 03, 2004

Welcome to Kerry's Karl Rove

George W. Bush has a Karl Rove, and John Kerry does not.

This is unfair to the American people, who will see a professionally marketed Bush campaign compared to an unrefined Kerry campaign. This is not good for American voters, who might end up voting for the best campaign marketing strategy instead of reality.

Chris Matthews and others have recently asked 'Who's Kerry's Karl Rove?'

Chris, welcome to Kerry's Karl Rove.

Here, we will provide Karl Rovian advice to Kerry and his campaign, and anyone else willing to listen. The American people are best served when both candidates are on equal political footing. We aim to provide this equality.

We invite the Kerry campaign to exploit the insights on this site to bring their candidate up to the required marketing, messaging, and strategic footing with the Rove-managed George W. Bush campaign.

The editors that comprise Kerry's Karl Rove are two non-Democrats (one Independent, one Republican) from the Western suburbs of Philadelphia, PA (the battleground of battlegrounds), who believe that it's quite important for the future of America that "W" and his cadre of neo-conservatives to lose this election.

Let's get started.