Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Rove to Everyone: The Next Step


Thank you so much for your support for Kerry's Karl Rove. Thanks to your viewership and propogation of our campaign tips, I believe we made a difference.

We're on to something here, and we're not going to stop just because Kerry narrowly lost the election.

Moving forward, we will be posting political tips to Our Karl Rove -


Our Karl Rove will be dedicated to two functions:

1. Help Develop "The Story": Help translate the values of Kerry/anti-Bush supporters into an alternative, compelling story that an opposition party can share with America.

2. Attack the Unjust: To provide strategic messaging to the opposition parties to help highlight the unjust acts of the ruling party.

The "story" will evolve through a series of posts that build on one another, whereas the "attacks" will be event-driven to support the immediate needs of the opposition.

We who supported Kerry are not the minority opinion -- we are the less organized opinion. Let's organize our thoughts and speak from a consistent voice. Let's develop our story of how America should proceed. Let's make sure Americans know our values through our active critiquing of unjust decisions and policies.

Let's make our light shine brighter.